18 Things Your Followers Will Do To Build Deep Trust In You & Buy Directly From You

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I am Kirsten

Owner & Managing Director of BRAND / ATELIERS

In the last 5 years, my team and I have conjured up an authentic, stylish, high-quality appearance for over 150 consultants, trainers, experts and coaches. It has been confirmed time and again that the classic approach of "target group analysis & competitor research" - in short, from THE OUTSIDE TO THE INSIDE, creates nothing at all in personal branding.

We have always worked with "resonance-based branding". In our energetic design process, you and your Higherself are at the centre of the design development. We first dive into your essence and vision to then get to know your personal style & self-expression. From the inside out we create such a high quality design that opens the space for you to grow and develop while your high swinging appearance already represents you.

Such a design gives you goosebumps, amazes your customers and lets you shine in your highest version.

Our mission is to bring so much light & opened consciousness into our world through design that everyone feels deep inside: I am the creator of my reality & EVERYTHING is possible.

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