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Let your soul clients immerse themselves in your energy andbook directly with you onyour stylish, exclusive website .

What feeling does your website radiate?

Your website is like your online living room. It's beautiful, spacious, smells like you and makes your guest feel completely at ease. Perhaps this space alone is pure healing? Your soul client gets to know you, enjoys your hospitality and gets that warm, beautiful feeling of what it would mean to work with you.

But a website from Brand Atelier is more than an aesthetic masterpiece of the senses. We place very high value on your website being a tool for you, that it is psychologically and user-friendly and that it meets the technical standard.

But above all, we focus on one thing: that your customer can contact you quickly or book directly.

Shine online in your

Highest Identity


We create our websites exclusively on WordPress basis and work with Elementor Pro as page builder. 


Your WordPress website is easily expandable with additional pages or various integrations. It grows with you!

Maintain yourself

Your website is super easy to edit yourself thanks to Elementor. We are happy to provide you with tutorials.

Possible integrations

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The course of your

Website implementation

Brand Design

Your brand design is the foundation for a stylish website. Once your energetic design is in place, we can transform it into a website.


In a planning call, we talk about your wishes and ideas for your website and create a website concept based on your requirements and our expertise.


Using the visual website concept, you can easily write your website texts, as you know exactly what goes where and which questions need to be answered in the texts.


With the finished design and your great website texts, we now create your masterpiece website and adapt your website for smartphone, tablet and desktop.

What is actually...

Before we design your website, we plan the perfect content structure that serves you and your customer. For this purpose, we design a psychological website concept after a personal discussion with you, which shows the content modules and the page structure. This also serves as a guideline for easy text creation. 

Landing pages are short pages that serve the purpose of users registering with you or contacting you. 

Sales pages are extensive, psychologically-clever sales pages on which your product is presented. On these pages, your customer can book directly or take an action. The goal of a sales page is that your customer has no more questions and books directly.

A blog is a wonderful way to bring fresh content to your site on a regular basis. Well constructed, with categories and good texts, it is a great tool to build visibility in a search engine like Google.

Content pages are any sub-page on your website that has creative content. So all pages are "content pages", just like your home page or homepage. Your imprint, privacy policy or terms and conditions are NOT content pages.

We invented this term to make it clear how many of our pages get a special design.

Everything starts with your

Brand Design

Start now with your energetic BRAND DESIGN and shine in your Highest Identity.
Pour the beautiful foundation for a glamorous online presence with us.