Energetic & luxurious

Brand Design

Let your branding and your entire presence shine with an exclusive, authentic design on the highest frequency
and attract your soul clients with ease.

We feel you

You want a performance that is all of a piece. A performance that makes you shine in your true essence. A performance that opens up the space for all that you are yet to be. To be truly you. In all your greatness. I feel you. You are exactly right with us!

Based on your energetic signature, your human design and your personal style, we will create your high-vibrating appearance together.

Are you ready for this visibility?

We design your

Highest Identity

Your energetic signature is embodied in your logo, your colours, your font choices, your decorative elements, your imagery, your social media aura.

Based on your highest feeling towards yourself and your personal taste.

Open yourself to the

Energetic Branding Process


At the beginning of our collaboration it is about you opening up to your vision and your highest identity and feeling it. You are the creator in this process - we accompany you with our skills and expertise. We have prepared meditations and various tools for you so that you can open yourself even more to inspirations and insights.

Human Design - Design

Our human design expert takes a close look at your profile and especially your Sonnentor. Your Sonnentor accounts for 80% of your conscious and unconscious external impact. From this we draw valuable information for your energetic design. We want to bring you into your full light.

Energetic Design Deep Dive

In a Zoom Call with your personal designer and your project manager, you dive into your essence. From the inside out, we discover who you really are. Then we analyse your personal taste to feel your expression.


After the Energetic Design Deep Dive you will receive two mood boards from us. These two mood boards indicate the possible directions in which your design can go. We deliberately design two mood boards because one usually shows the old you, the other the new you, or what others want to see of you and how you see yourself. We show you what is there so that you can make a clear decision for yourself.

Your Look & Feel

Once you have chosen YOUR mood board, we will define your design with dedication and create a work of art that shows your logo, colours, fonts, imagery and decorative elements in action. Your look & feel will show what your new branding will consist of, as well as three social media designs and a possible website header. Your look & feel is the basis for everything you want to transfer your design to.

Social Media in Canva

Included in your look & feel are 3 social media graphics, which we will convert directly into your Canva and deposit your brand documents. So you can start getting creative right away!

Your energetic

Brand Design

4444€ net

It all starts with your energetic BRAND DESIGN. Shine in your Highest Identity.
Pour the beautiful foundation for a glamorous appearance with us.